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Review of Qua Baths & Spa (Caesars Palace, Las Vegas) February 7, 2009

Qua Baths and Spa (Caesars Palace, Las Vegas)

3570 Las Vegas Boulevard S.

Las Vegas, Nevada   89109    1-866-782-0655


Qua Roman Baths

Qua Roman Baths

I visited Qua in the spring of 2007,  shortly after it opened.  Qua is very high on the cool factor because it has many features that are unique or new to the spa world. 

  • Social spa-ing
  • An arctic ice room with heated floor and seats and snow falling from the ceiling.  The room itself is kept at 55 degrees.  The floors and benches are a bit warmer.  There really is an icy snow falling from the ceiling.  We didn’t spend much time in here because it feels quite chilly, but it was so cool that you have to check it out.
  • An in-house Tea Sommelier, who will pair tea with your individual treatments
  • A crystal body art room
  • Roman Baths – Three pools varying in temperature and size (warm, hot and cold) 

I visited too long ago to remember my treatment, my I distinctly remember the experience itself.  It was the kind of spa that you could spend the entire day at, moving from one experience to the next, and never want to leave.  It helped that I visited with 6 friends so we could take advantage of the “social spa-ing” aspect –  in addition to whisper quiet relaxation rooms, the spa has social areas where conversation is allowed and encouraged. 

If you only have time to visit one spa in las Vegas, Qua should be high on your list.


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