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Do you buy the product? February 8, 2009

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If you are a regular spa-goer, no doubt it has happened to you.  You are just emerging from your treatment cocoon, re-entering the real world.   Your therapist tells you to relax a moment, put your robe on, and they will be waiting on the other side of the door for you.  As you close the door behind you, there it is.  The hard sell.  The product push. 

As the therapist returns you to the relaxation room, they may have tried to gently encourage you to buy the spa products they used during your treatment.  This most likely happens after a facial.

I respect that a component of spa revenue is product sales.  And no doubt, you are a captive audience.  Your skin feels great.  The product smells so good.  But how do you really know  5 minutes after your treatment if that product “works” for you?

So here is the question:  Do you buy the product?  Does the sales pitch make you uncomfortable?

I can’t think of more than a time or two that I have bought the product.  I have usually just plunked down a good chunk of money on my treatment and gratuity.  Purchasing a product is the last thing on my mind.  On the other had, if I just have to have the product a few days after the treatment (my skin has never felt or looked better), then I know where to find it.


One Response to “Do you buy the product?”

  1. bloggingmom67 Says:

    I know I hate the pitch … because I know the product alone won’t make me feel the way I do after a spa treatment. I feel great not only because of the goo they robbed on me, but because of the whole experience. The robe, the tub, the slippers, the relaxation, the tea in the waiting room. I can’t duplicate that at home, so why really try.

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