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Has the economy impacted your spa spending? February 21, 2009

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Your probably getting tired of hearing how bad the economy is.  My sister calls it a self fulfilling prophecy – keep telling  me how bad the economy is, people get scared, stop spending money, and things are only going to get worse.    But I wondered if the downturn in the economy is having any impact on spa spending?

Turns out, the global spa economy is booming despite it all.  You can read it for yourself:


The theory is that in times of economic and other major stresses, people turn to spa treatments and settings for relaxation to help combat the stress.

I know that I think more carefully before reserving a spa treatment nowadays.  I’ll avoid the pricey add-ons and go for more basic treatments or treatment packages or specials.  But if I am traveling and have the opportunity to visit a great spa, I won’t pass it up.  Besides, nothing feels better than a massage after spending hours on a cramped airplane.

Has the economy impacted your spa spending?  Post a comment.


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