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DTV from Kohler – A Spa-Like Showering Experience February 28, 2009

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 High-end homes can feature just about any amenity these days, and creating a spa-like environment in your home is no exception.  For an over-the-top shower experience in your own home, check out DTV from Kohler – A Custom Showering Experience.  DTV features shower, lights, music and steam accessible from one controller.

  • Shower – Control personalized temperature and water delivery options from up to eight shower components with the touch of a button. DTV’s sleek design and leading-edge technology provide a spa-like environment at your fingertips.
  • Lights – WaterTile Ambient Rain shower panel adds a dynamic, moving and changing visual dimension to your shower with color sequences in natural themes like sunrise, sunset, sunny clouds and water reflection.
  • Music – A simple connection from your PC or Mac can take singing in the shower to soaring new heights. Cue music selections from your computer or MP3 player to relax or invigorate, according to your mood.
  • Steam – There’s nothing more rejuvenating than a soothing blanket of steam— especially in the comfort and privacy of your own shower. Preset your steam for preferred temperature and duration for a personalized experience.

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