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Your favorite spa may be on Twitter March 17, 2009

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Do you have a favorite spa?  It may be on Twitter.    Just type “spa” in the Twitter search engine and you’ll find spas from all around the world. 

The spas post information on products, treatments specials and just general tweets about what is going on at the spa.  You can also follow other people who love spas and spa related topics, such as exercise and wellness. 

You can follow me on Twitter at cnyspagirl.  Just go to http://twitter.com/invitations/find_on_twitter and type ‘cnyspagirl’ in the box titled “Who are you looking for?”.  Catch you on Twitter.


One Response to “Your favorite spa may be on Twitter”

  1. Gina Chen Says:

    Hey — you can follow cnyspagirl directly at this link: http://twitter.com/cnyspagirl

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