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CNY Healing Arts Wellness Center & Spa (Syracuse, NY) April 11, 2009

191 Intrepid lane

Syracuse, NY  13205


Driving through a non-descript office medical park, I came across the brightly colored signs announcing CNY Healing Arts.  In fact, the facility is  located in the lower level of the building that my doctor’s office  is in.  Who knew?  I was pleasantly surprised to drive around back and find such a beautiful space. 


I stopped by on a recent Wednesday morning and was given a wonderful tour by Erika, one of the center’s Licensed Massage Therapists.  I was really impressed with the facilites and the warmth of the staff.  It was immaculately clean and there were some nice surprises waiting inside.  The yoga/fitness class room is surrounded by windows, letting natural light filter in.  There is a sauna that is built with tile and natural stone – very unique and beautifully designed.  A small locker room offers private lockers, robes, slippers and bottled water.   There is a rain shower with nozzles, jets and shower heads coming from seemingly every direction  – this looked amazing.  The waiting room serves  bottled water, tea and other hot beverages.  A cozy relaxation room has comfortable seating and  privacy curtains to relax before or after your treatment. The color scheme throughout the treatment room and others areas features a sunny mix of yellows, reds and earth tones.  The result is a haven that I look forward to spending some time in.

You won’t find fancy spa treatments on the menu.  What you will find are services with an emphasis on wellness.  Offerings include acupuncture, massage, fitness classes (currently yoga and belly dancing), skin care, waxing, laser therapies, nail care, nutrition and workshops.  They also carry a selection of herbs, supplements, retail products and gift packages.

CNY Healing Arts and the neighboring CNY Fertility Center is owned by Dr. Robert Kiltz, MD.  At CNY Healing Arts, many of the workshops and services focus on infertility.  There are seminars, yoga for fertility and support group meetings.  The center has expanded into many service offerings supporting clients with many needs and desires including pain management, stress management and relaxation. 

CNY Healing Arts has 3 locations:  Syracuse, Albany and Rochester.


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