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May I have a tour, please? April 22, 2009

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As a spa owner or employee, do you give every new client a tour of your spa?  I hope the answer is yes.  A spa tour makes the client feel welcome, at-home and can generate additional business.

Here’s why.  If I’m new to your spa, I may not have made the time to completely familiarize myself with your business.  I may have booked a pedicure because sandal season is approaching, but it may not have occurred to me that you also do waxing or sunless tanning treatments.  By giving me a tour you are showing off your facility….and letting me know what else is on your treatment menu.  It’s much more subtle than the product sell at the end of a treatment. 

While you’re showing me your waxing room that I didn’t know existed, it  just might make me say “while I’m here, can you wax my eyebrows?”   Instant increase in revenue for the day!  And of course, maybe a repeat customer too.

I’ve been a client at my hair salon for almost a year now and I didn’t know they provided skin care and facials until my last appointment.  I’ve always had my brows waxed at the shampoo sink until recently when I was led to the waxing room.  Turns out, the salon employs an Aesthetician who does waxing, facials and other skincare treatments.  Who knew?

If you own or work at a spa, I hope you’ll make it a practice to show your new clients around with pride.  What if you are a spa client and you aren’t offered a tour?  Ask for one!  It’s a win-win for both parties.


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