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A spa pedicure at Miracles Hair Studio (Fayetteville, NY) April 23, 2009

511 East Genesee Street
Fayetteville, NY 13066
Phone: (315) 637-0030


If you have a spa pedicure at what is primarily a hair salon, does it count as a spa treatment?  It sure does when its a pampering foot treatment done in an attractive setting.  Today I saw the many facets of Miracles Hair Studio, a salon in Fayetteville where Kristen has been my hair stylist for almost a year now.   

As I shared the news of this blog with Kristen, she was eager to show me a side of Miracles that I had never seen before.  Kristen quickly arranged a complimentary spa pedicure with Erin, a much appreciated (and much needed) gesture.  We had just been talking about the dangers of having pedicures where the tools and equipment are not properly sanitized.  (But that’s for another post!) 

Kristen and Erin assured me that Miracles follows strict hygiene protocols when sanitizing their jet foot bath pedicure stations.  This includes draining the tub, spraying and wiping down the surfaces, refilling the tub with a disinfectant solution and running the jets with the disinfectant to kill germs and other  infection causing substances.  I was relieved, but I was also looking forward to my pedicure!

At Miracles, a pedicure is $40 (45 minutes).  A spa pedicure is $50 (60 minutes).  The spa pedicure is priced fairly because it includes a paraffin dip, a service which is normally considered an “add-on” or extra.  

While Erin pampered my feet, we talked about some exciting things that are happening at Miracles.  Under development is a wedding day and bridal party service.  An area of the salon will be devoted to the bridal party for hair styling, makeup, manicures and pedicures.  The entire bridal party can be together while they prepare for their special day.  As part of the bridal party package, coffees, teas, mimosas, fresh fruit and pastries are served.  This all takes place under the guidance of an in-salon wedding coordinator.   A wedding guide and contract is available for interested brides-to-be which provides service and pricing details.  Similar services are also available for proms and other special events.

Now back to the pedicure.  In addition to the basic nail care, here is what I loved about the service:

  • A yummy walnut shell extract scrub massage
  • An oil massage massage that hydrates the feet and creates a base to prevent the paraffin from sticking
  • The paraffin foot dip after which my feet were wrapped in hot towels
  • A extended massage with a cooling lotion that contains mica

Miracles is a full service hair salon with spa amenities.  Carolyn, the Aesthetician, uses Dermalogica products in the cozy skin care room with a comfortable facial bed.  Waxing services are also provided in a dedicated waxing room. 

Erin and Kristen gave me a full tour of the salon, describing all of the offerings and amenities with pride.  Clients are welcome to enjoy beverages from the coffee bar and refrigerator (soda, iced teas, etc) and snacks.  Adjacent to the main salon is Little Miracles, a unique and fun children’s salon that also offers parties.  More about that in a future post.  

The Miracles website is currently providing basic information, but is being upgraded and should be ready for a full launch before summer.

My feet look and feel great and are ready for the unseasonable 80 degree weather Syracuse is expecting this weekend.  Thanks so much Erin and Kristen and all of the staff at Miracles.  It was great seeing the full spectrum of products and services that Miracles has to offer. 

Disclaimer:  This review was made possible by a complimentary treatment from Miracles Hair Studio.   The management and staff did not influence nor edit this review.  I want to thank Miracles for seeing the long term benefits of a neutral review for their business and for their clients.


3 Responses to “A spa pedicure at Miracles Hair Studio (Fayetteville, NY)”

  1. mrred Says:

    Love this blog I’ll be back when I have more time.

  2. […] my visit to Miracles for a fabulous spa pedicure with Erin, I checked out Little Miracles.  It’s a fun, themed children’s salon with […]

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