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Is this your luggage? April 26, 2009

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As a spa enthusiast, (OK, maybe fanatic is more like it) I’m always trying to weave the spa lifestyle into my day.  This can mean wellness, aromatherapy, reading and researching the spa industry and sometimes travel.  Syracuse is blessed with some nice day spas and a few nearby resort spas, but seeking out new spas can inevitably lead to air travel.  And since air travel inevitably leads to lost luggage,  which leads to stress, which negates the positive effects of spa travel…..I bring you this story.

No, she hasn’t found a cure for lost luggage but Luna Laboo is hoping to reunite air travellers with their missing items, one bag at a time.  Check out her website at isthisyourluggage.com.  The site owner buys lost luggage from the airlines at auctions, photographs the contents and displays them on her site.  If you recognize your luggage, you can contact Luna by email.  The site went live just this month and will soon have more content.

I couldn’t resist clicking on each bag and taking a look at the contents.  She turns the photographs into an art form.  Very cool!


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