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Book review: The Spa Handbook April 28, 2009

The Spa Handbook

The Spa Handbook

The truth is, I’ll read just about anything related to spas and the spa industry.  A quick search of my local library’s online catalog returned the Spa Handbook by Maria Costantino, so I ordered it sight unseen.  Nothing to lose, since it was coming from the library.

At first I was disappointed.  I expected the book to be, well, a spa handbook.  But the book is really about wellness and the main theme is detoxification.  The book is described as “a guide to enhancing physical, mental and spiritual well-being”.  This description more adequately reflects the books contents than the title.

The edition I reviewed was published in 2004, so the information may be a little outdated.  But there is some good information about the benefits of a detox diet, exercise and massage.  I wasn’t sure about some of the advice, like how a one minute splash of cold water at the end of a shower keeps sagging boobs and “bottoms” away, but I’m not an expert. 

Can anyone comment on the true benefits of a daily cold water splash? I have to go now, my cold water splash awaits!


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  3. everythingspa Says:

    Spa Blogs Network –

    Thank you for the invitation and the kinds words about this blog. I will take a look at your site.

    Thanks again, Michele

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