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Back on the wagon… May 25, 2009

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….the wellness wagon, that is.  I don’t profess to have a super healthy lifestyle, but I do try to incorporate wellness into my daily life.

I spent Memorial Day Weekend camping at Wellesley Island State Park in the Thousand Island Region of Northern New York, along the St. Lawrence River.  It’s traditionally the first camping trip of the season after a long, cold winter and an 8 1/2 month hiatus from camping.  From here, we plan as many camping trips as we can squeeze into a short summer. 

Family and friends gather for a weekend of food, drinks and fun – usually in that order.   Breakfast is hearty and plentiful – eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes, belgium waffles with fruit and whipped cream, bagels, cream cheese.  You get the idea.  So plentiful it doesn’t occur to me to get hungry until late afternoon – happy hour time!  With my favorite “drinking buddy” in tow (as I affectionately refer to her, she knows who she is!), it’s time for cocktails and appetizers.  Usually, its the worlds best cosmos – made by previously mentioned drinking buddy.  This time, it was the box of wine at the beach while the kids played.  The cheese and crackers.  The pita chips with hummus.   

Dinner is just around the corner – steak, shrimp, tacos.  An anniversary celebration – hamburgers, hot dogs, salads and of course cake in every flavor.  And don’t forget the requisite camping treat:  S’mores!

It wasn’t a completely sedentary weekend.  There were the frequent 3 mile bike rides to the cottages where the rest of our family stayed – a total of 24 miles cycled.  There was the nature trail hike for our first attempt at letterboxing.  And there was the walk around the campground scoping out the best campsites for next time.  Not to mention the short but seemingly endless walks from our campsite to our friends and families sites.  

On a positive note, I was able to catch up on sleep that I’ve been lacking for weeks.  And, a great time was had by all.

With the weekend behind me, I look forward to getting back to the routine of my portion controlled, fruit and veggie eating, greek yogurt for breakfast, whole grain daily existence.  I look forward to my almost daily 2.5 mile walk in the hills hear my home.  I look forward to getting back to my skin care routine (I guess there isn’t room for my regular skin care product in my 23 foot travel trailer towed by a full size pickup truck…they never seem to make the trip.)  And my vitamins.   A relaxing pedicure would be nice too – camping is rough on the feet.  In short, I look forward to getting back on the wellness wagon.   At least until the next camping trip!


2 Responses to “Back on the wagon…”

  1. gina chen Says:

    Sounds like you had fun!! Glad the weather was good. Looking forward to Darien Lake … I suspect I know who your “drinking buddy” is. Perhaps, she’s my “alcoholic friend.”

  2. everythingspa Says:

    Yes, they are one in the same!

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