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Review of Spa On The River (Baldwinsville, NY) May 29, 2009

Spa On The River

Spa On The River


2372 West Genesee Road

Baldwinsville, NY  13027  315-638-1238

After reading about the award winning Spa on The River, I knew I needed to schedule a visit soon.  

  • One of CNY’s Top Day Spas by the CNY Business Journal
  • Viewers voted Spa on The River one of Syracuse’s top five salons in local television WTVH-TV5’s on line poll
  • A five star beauty destination by the worlds number one publication magazine “New Beauty.”

Two phone calls to the spa’s owner went unreturned for several weeks – so I thought I would try it just like everyone else does:  by appointment and without the cover of cnyspagirl.  For this visit, I was going to be a regular first time client!  The spa was running a special:  Two spa pedicures for the price of one ($50) when you bring a friend.  When my good friend and fellow spa enthusiast said she needed a pedicure, I had just the place in mind!

When I called to make the appointment, the person answering the phone was a bit distracted, asking me to hold while she talked to a co-worker about another matter.  I’ve had better first client interactions, but we moved on.  I  booked the pedicure special with Erika and Janna.

Things improved on our arrival at the spa on a recent Wednesday when our cheerful and friendly therapists were ready and waiting to take us back to the pedicure area.   As a new client, I would have welcomed the offer of a tour spa, but we were ready to begin.  If you’ve read my posts before, you know that I strongly advocate for spa managers and owners to encourage staff to give every new client a tour.  This makes them feel at home and welcome and introduces them to other services the spa offers.

The pedicure was like most, so I’ll mention what stood out to me as being unique:

  • Bottled water provided at the beginning of the treatment
  • Spa Ritual nail polish – Vegan nail care that is formaldehyde, toluene and DBP free (nasty chemicals that are absorbed through the nail bed into the body)
  • Instead of using a pumice or file to remove dry calloused skin, they used a PedEgg
  • They used a netted sponge to remove the scrub residue from legs and feet
  • 3 scrubs – first a peppermint scrub, then a dead sea salt and citrus scrub, and finally an almond scented scrub that is marketed for manicures but makes a wonderful foot/leg or full body scrub.  We liked this product so much we each bought one to use at home!

The Roman-themed spa is beautifully decorated with plants, statues and fountains.  Every wall is painted in a different rich, earth tone color.  Some areas are carpeted, others are tiled – but it is evident that no expense was spared in selecting materials for the spa.  There are beautiful murals on the walls with some hand painted accents.  

Spa On The River is a full service spa and salon.  There are  private or semi-private spaced carved out for each type of treatment – a makeup room, a couples massage room with gas fireplace, an individual massage room, a facial room, a “Botox room” (the spa hosts Botox parties), and dedicated spaces for manicures, pedicures, hair cutting and other treatments.

What I liked :

  • Our therapists gave us referral cards good for $5 off our next visit when we refer a friend who makes an appointment.  The friend receives $5 off too.
  • We were provided with spa brochures detailing each service including a price list
  • I love the names of the treatments, giving a nod to the owners Italian heritage – our pedicure was called “Roman Roads”.

Room for improvement:

  • As mentioned before, an up front tour
  • The owner was onsite and passed by a few times, but never checked in to greet us or to see how we were enjoying our first visit.  This simple gesture would go a long way in forging a personal bond with new clients.
  • Admittedly, my heels were very rough and cracked when I arrived for my treatment.  Post-treatment, they look better but could have used a little extra TLC.  Giving credit where it is due, Janna gave me some advice on how to attack the problem incrementally – exfoliate, moisturize, repeat.
  • The spa is beautiful, but I didn’t get that calm and serene feeling that I’ve come to associate with most spas.  This could be because I was getting a pedicure and maybe the feeling would be different with a more relaxing treatment.  Spa on The River is large and I get the sense that it might get busy at times, especially on the weekends.  There was a cozy waiting area near the entrance – but not the kind of spot that I’d want to relax in wearing a spa robe after a massage.  Perhaps there is another calm relaxation area in another part of the spa that we weren’t shown.  (We did end up asking for a tour at the end and Erika and Janna were happy to show us around. )

Would I go again?  Sure, especially for a great special like the 2 pedicures for the price of one that we took advantage of.  It’s a bit far from home in Jamesville, but worth the drive for a special.  Would I recommend it to a friend?  Yes.

Spa On The River Pedicure Area

Spa On The River Pedicure Area


2 Responses to “Review of Spa On The River (Baldwinsville, NY)”

  1. eggyf Says:

    We had a great time at the spa how kind and generous the staff is to you. U. The owner is almost always on the premises seeing if everyone is taken care of and comfortably relaxed.

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