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Win $1000 in Summer Shape Up from InnerRewards June 5, 2009

InnerRewards.com, an online wellness community, is giving away $1,000 gift certificate to enjoy a package of sessions with a personal trainer or fitness studio of your choice.   More about this contest and how it works can be found here.

These contests are the real deal!  I know this firsthand after winning $1,000 in the InnerRewards Spa Day For You & Mom contest.  I’ve already spent my gift certificate at The Lodge at Woodloch, a destination spa in Northeast Pennsylvania.  (Review coming soon)

At InnerRewards, you earn points by contributing to the online wellness community.  Once you earn 1,000 points, you can receive $100 gift certificate to the spa or wellness facility of your choice.  I’ve earned over 2,000 points so far and have received (2) $100 gift certificates.  It’s quite simple and a lot of fun. 

  • Become a Member of InnerRewards    25 pts.
  • Invite Friends to Become Members of InnerRewards    25 pts. (per new member)
  • Review A Business    25 pts.
  • Add Vibes To A Business    5 pts.
  • Start A New Discussion or Write a Post    10 pts.
  • Upload A New Photo    10 pts.
  • Post a Comment on an Article, Discussion, Post, Photo, or Video    5 pts.
  • Purchase A Deal    50 pts.

The site is a mix of wellness experts and regular folks who are passionate about wellness.  The great part about InnerRewards contests is that if you don’t win, the points you earn in the contest still count towards the regular rewards program.  It’s a WIN WIN!  And there are fun new contests every few weeks.

Join today and earn your first 25 points by becoming a member.


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