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Review of Visage Therapeutic Skin Care & Spa (Dewitt, NY) June 13, 2009


Visage Therapeutic Skin Care & Spa

Visage Therapeutic Skin Care & Spa



3709 Erie Boulevard East

Dewitt, NY 13214




Spa Overview:

Some spas are about pampering.  Others are about relaxation.  Visage is a MediSpa that provides cosmetic medical procedures within the relaxing and nurturing environment of a spa instead of the clinical setting of a doctor’s office. The facility is run under the supervision of licensed physicians, who are the owners and founders of Visage . Unlike day spas, salons, and facilities that are not supervised by healthcare professionals, MediSpas have strict guidelines to provide medical grade treatments safely.  But while Visage is primarily focused on the medical spa aspect, they manage to incorporate touches of relaxation and pampering too for the perfect combination.

Lasers, intense pulsed light technology, medical microdermabrasion, prescription products, injectables such as Botox®, chemical peels, and other medical cosmetic procedures that are not available elsewhere are all on the menu at Visage.  Can you still get a facial, manicure, pedicure, massage or body wrap too?  Sure, but don’t be surprised if your treatment incorporates some medical spa elements too!


I arrived early, as I had been told during my appointment confirmation the day before, to complete paperwork.  The spa receptionist led me to a well furnished, nicely decorated waiting area to fill out my first-time client paperwork.  The room featured earth tone plush furniture, a variety of brochures for products and treatments offered by visage and water and healthy snacks for those waiting for their treatment.

Bathrooms/Changing Area:

Visage doesn’t have locker room facilities.  Guests disrobe in their treatment room.  If you’re having more than one service and need to switch rooms, a robe is provided.  Garment bags are available to store clothing in for the duration of your stay.  Other personal items are kept in the treatment room or in the relaxation area with the guest. 

Treatment Room:

In-room shower and sink.  Mirrored vanity area.  Comfortable, heated beds.  Plenty of space to hang your belongings behind the door.  Nicely decorated and filled with lit candles and ambient lighting.


Lemon and mint infused water.  Almonds.  Trail mix (dried fruits and nuts).  No disposables here, the water is served in earth friendly glass goblets and there are cute leaf shaped dishes for the snacks.


Subscribe to Visage’s weekly newsletter and get $10 off a service.  The website features specials, for example the Wednesday Special is 10% off Laser Hair Removal and Waxing.

Spa Treatment:

Visage’s Signature Facial (60 minutes, $95).  What makes it signature?  Intense exfoliation (two scrubs) and two masks.  My esthetician, Becca, added an extra mask to customize the facial for my skin type.  Becca worked on me the entire time.  She never left the room until the treatment was over.  When she wasn’t working on my face, she was massaging my hands, neck, arms and shoulders.

Becca struck the right balance between answering my questions about the products and treatment and allowing me to relax.

Lotion and heated mits on my hands for the duration of the treatment.  Heated facial/massage bed.  Chocolate scrub and body butter for the hand, neck and shoulder massage during the masks. 

Products used during my facial:  Visage’s own skincare line, such as aloe based cleansers and toners, Keyano Aromatics Chocolate Scrub and Chocolate Butter Cream, products by G.M. Collin and medical grade products by Neova

Towards the end of the treatment, Becca placed wipes (like gauze, but softer) that had been soaking in cool water on my face.  It was such a simple step, but it really was a nice way to end the treatment.

Pleasant Surprises:

If you plan to be at the spa enjoying services for the day, lunch from Chili’s next door is on Visage.   4 of the restaurant chain’s healthier options are on the menu.

Online appointments are available through a “Contact Us” form on Visage’s website.

After my treatment, I sat down with the Spa Manager, Allie.  I enjoyed talking to her about the medical spa industry, how a medi-spa differs from other types of spas and about the various facets of running the business.   In addition to typical spa manager duties, Allie sees to it herself that everything is perfect, right down to the fresh mint in the infused water to sewing the slip covers for the relaxation area herself.  Her pride in the facility was evident as she led me on a tour during a previous visit and as she assisted me in photographing the interior of the spa.

It’s worth noting that Visage has a Versa-Spa tanning unit in a private tiled room.  VersaSpa™ is an automatic tanning experience that combines healthy skin therapies with state-of-the-art comfort technologies (No UV!).  The unit features an open design, no lingering mist and a built-in blow dryer so the guest feels comfortable, warm & dry before, during, and after your tanning experience.  The VersaSpa tanning technology is known for more efficient coverage, absorption without lingering mist (better for your lungs), and deeper, long lasting results.

Payment Time:

Payment is handled at a reception window located near the door.  Tipping envelopes are available to leave a gratuity for your therapist.  The spa receptionist gladly calculated my tip on the full cost of the treatment when I asked her to.

Go Again:

Yes, especially to establish a relationship with an esthetician for regular facial skincare.

Recommend to a Friend:

Yes, for the variety of treatments on the menu and medi-spa attributes.

Relaxation area at Visage

Relaxation area at Visage











Vanity area at Visage

Vanity area at Visage











Facial/massage room at Visage

Facial/massage room at Visage











Massage/facial room at visage

Massage/facial room at visage











The waiting area at Visage

The waiting area at Visage










Disclaimer: This review was made possible by a complimentary  facial treatment from Visage. The management and staff did not influence nor edit this review. I want to thank Visage for inviting me to experience their facility and for seeing the long term benefits of a neutral review for their business and for their clients.


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