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No therapist required at Planet Beach Contempo Spa June 17, 2009

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Planet Beach Contempo Spa Aqua Massage

Planet Beach Contempo Spa Aqua Massage

Planet Beach Contempo Spa is being touted as “revolutionizing the spa industry”.  How are they doing this?  With convenient, affordable and self-automated treatments.  Wait a minute.  Did I just say self-automated treatments?  You mean, as in no therapist required?

The Contempo Spa concept was created by Planet Beach as a cross between the UV industry and the spa industry.  If you can step into a bed or a booth to get sunshine, then why can’t you step into a machine to get pampered, right?  Or so the theory goes….

At Contempo Spa, you can select from three categories of service:  Relax, Glow and Renew. 

Relax services relieve stress and include massage, oxygen therapy, guided mediation and saunatox.   What is saunatox, you ask?  I asked too.  Saunatox uses infrared technology to create a warm and comfortable environment without the extreme heat of traditional saunas.

For many treatments, clients remain completely clothed and the services are shorter than their typical treatment counterparts.  Results are delivered in minutes compared to traditional spa services.  I’m not so sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing – I’m not usually in a rush when I want to relax at the spa.   I guess if you’re short on time, then maybe this is just the thing for you.

Another benefit of the unattended spa treatment concept is privacy – this on the heels of a press release on Marketwire that indicates that 40% of North American’s don’t like to be touched.   The equipment, located in a private room, is designed to perform a single task without the aid of a therapist or attendant.

I spoke with Julie, the Manager at Planet Beach Contempo Spa in Guilderland, near Albany, NY.  While spa services are available individually, the best value is the spa membership which offers unlimited access for $99.95 per month and is available at any Planet Beach Contempo Spa in the World.  Spa services are in the 20 to 30 minute range and average $25 to $35 if purchased individually.   (Note:  There may be an initial charge in addition to the monthly fees)

With locations in 5 countries, the Planet Beach Contempo Spa phenomenon is sweeping the globe.  The United States, Canada, England, Ireland and Australia are where the current franchises are located and more locations are joining the network all the time.


Planet Beach Contemp Spa Therasage

Planet Beach Contemp Spa Therasage

What do you think about unattended, machine driven spa services?  I never say never, but I just can’t warm up to the idea.  Post a comment.


One Response to “No therapist required at Planet Beach Contempo Spa”

  1. Suzanne Says:

    I tried Planet Beach as a gift from the apartment complex I moved into. I quickly realized it was a marketing strategy and not really just a gift. Anyway, the lady at the front desk was very nice. At first I was impressed. After trying the Therasage massage, I was downright frightened. It was very painful. No one had asked if I had any pre-existing conditions that would have been contraindicated. My face broke out after the “gentle” renewing facial. Then I saw on the internet that these products are not FDA approved. These potentially harmful machines should be evaluated further with respect to how they are being used and by whom. What training is provided for the workers? What medical background do they have to place people on and in these machines? I question the safety.

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