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Refreshing Spa Drink: Cucumber Water June 18, 2009

Today’s refreshing recipe for cucumber water comes to us from Christina, a freelance writer who blogs about her motherhood experiences at MamaNeena.com.  

This post was originally featured on BlissfullyDomestic.com.  Christina graciously agreed to allow me to reproduce her post here at everythingspa’s blog, since it fits in perfectly with all this spa talk.  And now, Christina:

We all know how enjoyable a day at the spa can be. It’s a luxury–some times a necessity– that leaves us relaxed, refreshed and feeling great.

As much as we all wish we could visit the spa on a regular basis, the truth is we can’t. So, why not find simple ways to bring the spa to your home? Check out this refreshing spa drink that’s also great for your skin; it’s called Cucumber Water. Sounds delightful doesn’t it?

1 cucumber sliced with peel on (plus extra for serving)

2 liters of water

fresh mint sprigs

1/2 lemon sliced

ice cubes

Mix water, cucumber, mint, and lemon in a large pitcher. Let it rest in the refrigerator for 24 hours. Before serving remove the cucumber slices used to flavor the water. Add ice cubes, fresh cucumber slices and a couple mint sprigs. Stir and enjoy!

Health Factor: Cucumbers have essential vitamins that promote cell growth and works as a great acne deterrent. It’s also a rich source of antioxidants.

Thank you, Christina!


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  1. djadlen Says:

    Very good article, I would add some things but overall it is very comprehensive.
    I was looking for this!

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