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Sally’s Spa application for the iPhone June 23, 2009

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As a spa enthusiast/fanatic who writes about “Everythingspa”,  I just had to comment on Sally’s spa application for the iPhone.  It is known as a time management/multi-tasking game.

My co-worker downloaded the application (it’s free or 99 cents), and in the name of research I gave it a try.  Playing the game is easy:  dragging, dropping and tapping.

The veridct?  It’s cute. A bit of a rat race to get the spa clients out of the waiting room, into the sauna, to the facial chair and then to the massage table where “Sally” massages them in Karate chop fashion.

Then it’s off to pay and if you’re lucky, you’ll receive a tip. Not a very good one, I might add – most of mine were 10% or less.

When you are successful at satisfying your spa customers, you can advance to other levels that include product sales, travel to exotic locales and earning money to buy “upgrades” for your salon.

This might be a fun application to have loaded if you’re stuck waiting somewhere, like at an airport.


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