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Spa intake form: The first step to a satisfying spa treatment June 26, 2009

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When you’re greeted at the spa reception desk, especially if you are a new client, you’ll likely be asked to fill out a spa intake form. Don’t take this step lightly.

The spa intake form completed before a spa treatment is a very important component of your overall spa experience. It tells the therapist if you are experiencing any health problems or pain that they should be aware of. Medications, supplements and vitamins can also have an impact on your spa experience. For example if you are on a blood thinner, deep pressure during a massage can cause bruising. Birth control pills can cause dark patches of the skin, which may be important for your esthetician to know.

A thorough intake form will ask the client questions about general health and health history including surgeries and medication. Complete the form to the best of your knowledge  and state all medical conditions.

If you are having a massage, you might be asked if it is your first massage, what your goals for the session are (relaxation, pain management) and if you have any parts of the body you’d like the therapist to focus on.

If you’re having a facial, the intake form might focus on your skin care routine and skin maintenance, treatment focus and if you have sensitive skin or any allergies.  The chemicals using during a facial might interact with what you’ve already been using on your skin or supplements you’ve been taking.  No one wants to leave a relaxing facial with skin problems they didn’t arrive with!

You’ll likely be asked to arrive early to complete the paperwork, which can be thorough and time consuming.  You might not have all the answers while you’re sitting there waiting for your treatment.  As an alternative, ask the spa to mail you the paperwork when you make the appointment so you can complete it in advance.  Or maybe the forms are available on the spas website.

Do you list all of your medications, supplements and vitamins on the spa intake form? Or do you leave off some information that you feel may be too personal?


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