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How to write an effective spa review July 3, 2009

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Are you going to a spa?  Have you been to one lately? Consider writing a spa review.  Writing a review helps ensure that future spa customers select the right spa for them.  It’s easy if you follow a few simple steps:

Step 1

Take notes. It seems a little counter-intuitive to take notes during what is supposed to be a relaxing spa visit, but these notes will be very valuable when you get home and need to start composing the review. Even if you jot down a few key words on a treatment menu or spa business card, this will stimulate recall of details later, which are essential to a good spa review.

What details should you look for?

  • Greeting, welcome and spa tour
  • Facilities.  Are they clean and well maintained?  Modern or outdated?
  • Amenities.  Beverages, snacks, towels, grooming products.
  • The treatment.  Did it match the description on the spa website or treatment brochure?
  • Payment and gratuity

Step 2 

Take pictures. Not only do pictures make for a review with rich content, reviewing the photos after the visit can help you recall details when your writing your review. If the review site allows uploaded photos, post them with your review.

Step 3 
Don’t delay. Write the review soon after your spa visit is complete – even if it is just a draft to get your thoughts down and you can refine it later. Delaying your review writing will cause you to leave out details that would make the review more thorough.

Step 4

Find reputable sites to publish your review on. If the spa you reviewed is on SpaFinder.com, this is a high quality site. Trip Adviser is also very popular and tends to have content rich review. City Search and Yelp are a few others with less rich content.

Tips & Warnings 
• Once the article is published, let the business know you put it out there. This is particularly important if the review is glowing or if you experienced problems during your visit. The spa deserves to know if you have written a bad review and may appreciate a conversation with you about the particulars. 
• Your goal of writing a spa review is to help other spa goers decide if the spa is right for them. It can also be used as a tool by the spa to improve their processes and business. A neutral and fair review is critical to both of these objectives. Resist to urge to be sarcastic, rude or overly critical.


3 Responses to “How to write an effective spa review”

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  2. Great advice, Michele. That first point is key. Taking notes gives a mental connection that helps us remember.

    What do you think about taking voice notes?

    One of the things I often do when I don’t have something to write on is record a voice note on my phone and email it to myself. I generally find that works just as well for me.

    Of course now that I think about it, making voice notes in the spa would work even more at breaking the mood then jotting things down.

  3. everythingspa Says:

    Hi Madison – Thanks for the comment.

    Regarding taking voice notes, I never knew that my phone might have that capability…I’ll have to check it out and see! But your right…it might disturb others to voice your notes instead of discreetly jotting them down.

    If I don’t have my trusty notebook with me, I’ll often grab a spa brochure and make notes on the brochure. It also helps me organize my notes because I can jot things down next to the section in the brochure that they apply to.

    Take care, Michele

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