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Take a Spa-Cation this summer July 19, 2009

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Take a Spa-Cation this summer with SpaFinder

Take a Spa-Cation this summer with SpaFinder

Gas prices rose, then fell.  Then they rose again, albeit not quite so high.  Couple unstable fuel costs with an uncertain global economy, 2009 is looking like it will be the year of the “stay-cation” once again.  A made-up term that became so popular Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary added the term in it’s recently published edition.  A stay-cation is defined as taking a vacation at or near home to cut down on (or completely cut!) costs.

Spending time at home can certainly be productive and fun.  Think of all the projects you can get done around the house!   But it doesn’t give you the same sense of renewal that comes with actually getting away and recharging.

With that in mind, SpaFinder and others propose a new “stay-cation” alternative that’s almost as budget-friendly (no airfare or lodging required) but far more rejuvenating: the“spa-cation”!

From the ancient mineral baths of the Dead Sea to the legendary Golden Door spa of California, great spas of the world have been coveted vacation destinations for centuries. But with so many luxurious day spas located nearby, there’s no reason your clients can’t pamper themselves and still remain close to home.

From haute mud wraps to hot-stone massages, chakra realignments to miracle treatments that have you aging in reverse, taking a spa-cation can be fun, relaxing and renewing.  And something you might not take time to do if you aren’t on vacation.

Click here to visit SpaFinder’s website where you can purchase gift certificates to fund your (or someone else’s) spa-cation, plan your spa-cation or read reviews from other spa-goers.  Have fun, relax and enjoy!


2 Responses to “Take a Spa-Cation this summer”

  1. I think the Spa-Cation is an excellent concept. Most particularly in these tight times where we really have to squeeze the most out of our income. The other aspect though that I personally love about it is that it helps out my community.

  2. everythingspa Says:

    Hi Madison. A spa-cation is a great idea if you’re a spa lover and can’t take a full spa vacation. Most average size cities have nice days spas and you can often find a hidden gem right in your own town.

    Thanks for writing, Michele

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