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Glam-N-Gloss Day Spa offers Everythingspa’s Blog readers a Day Spa Glamour Package giveaway! August 11, 2009

Glam-N-Gloss Day Spa Lake Charles, LA

Glam-N-Gloss Day Spa Lake Charles, LA

Glam-N-Gloss Day Spa… A Fusion Of Spa and Boutique

Glam-N-Gloss Day Spa in Lake Charles, LA is offering the readers of Everything Spa’s Blog a Glamour Package giveaway.  The prize will include several items which will allow the winner to pamper and glamorize themselves at home.

To enter the contest, send me an email (cnyspagirl@twcny.rr.com) that includes your name, address and phone number.  Deadline to enter is Thursday August 13, 2009 at midnight ET.  One entry will be drawn at random.  One entry per reader, please.  The Glamour Package, courtesy of Glam-N-Gloss Day Spa, will be shipped directly to the winner from the spa.

Kimberly Dellafose, owner of Glam-N-Gloss Day Spa, was happy to answer a few questions about what you can expect when you visit this unique spa.

What is your most popular treatment? The most requested treatments include “The Hollywood Glow Facial” and “The Gloss Slipper Pedicure”. It’s not uncommon for our clients to notice an improvement in the texture of their skin after just one Hollywood Glow Facial.  There are pedicures and then there’s The Gloss Slipper. The Gloss Slipper is an amazing pedicure that includes our signature foot soak, an invigorating foot and leg massage and soothing aromatic wraps, just to name a few of its specifics. We even have male clients calling and requesting The Gloss Slipper…they ask for it by name. I believe these two services are the most popular because clients can instantly see results after just one treatment.

How did you come up with the creative treatment names? I’ve always been very creative (that’s my opinion at least). When we were in the process of creating a menu, I suggested that we give our treatments names that were specific and true to the brand of Glam-N-Gloss Day Spa. Since then, I’ve just named the treatments. There’s no science to my madness 😀

What facilities are available at Glam-N-Gloss Day Spa.  Glam-N-Gloss Day Spa is a boutique day spa and because of this we’ve created a spa that is quaint and very welcoming. With that in mind, the spa has 2 treatment suites, 4 pedicure stations, a relaxation room, a manicure and makeup station and a lobby lounge area. The retail boutique is located in the lobby lounge. Currently, the spa’s layout is based around an open floor plan which maximizes space and facilitates our ability to host Glam Galas, private spa parties.

What is one aspect of Glam-N-Gloss Day Spa that makes it unique? One thing that I would like to mention in terms of the Glam-N-Gloss Day Spa Experience is our signature beverage. One of our spa protocols requires that we offer clients a beverage. Our signature beverage the “Spa Sipper” is one of the beverages that we offer year round. This fruity yet light drink is a Glam-N-Gloss original. Clients love it and one even suggested that we bottle it and sell it.

Tell us about the clients who visit Glam-N-Gloss? The majority of our clients are from the Lake Charles area. Since opening in July 2008, we have established a clientele that consist of several repeat clients. However, lately we’ve noticed that a number of out of town guests have been scheduling appointments. Lake Charles has a number of casinos and many of the casino tourists have been finding their way to Glam-N-Gloss Day Spa. Our clients span in age from early 20s to late 60s. While we have become known for our indulgent individual services, we have become equally famous for our private spa parties called “Glam Galas”. Glam Galas afford clients an opportunity to experience Glam-N-Gloss Day Spa and all it has to offer in a private setting.

To learn more, here is a news release from a representative at Glam-N-Gloss Day Spa:

Lake Charles, LA  August 1, 2009 —What do you get when you combine an ambitious registered nurse turned licensed esthetician and a chic place to get a spa treatment?…The answer, Glam-N-Gloss Day Spa, a uniquely designed day spa located in Lake Charles, LA.  Glam-N-Gloss Day Spa officially opened its doors in July 2008 and since that time the owner and management staff have been busy spreading the word about Lake Charles’ first and only boutique day spa. Owner Kimberly Dellafosse launched the spa because of her desire to create a trendy spot to spa and relax.

Upon entering the day spa, you will not hear the sounds of birds chirping or water rushing on shore. Instead, the sultry rich sounds of classic and contemporary jazz fill the air instantly transporting clients to a place of tranquility. Glam-N-Gloss seeks to offer something different because it is not a traditional day spa; instead, it is a Boutique Day Spa.  The spa’s design is reminiscent of the Hollywood glamour embodied by Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn, but it is infused with a swanky, chic attitude that adds an amazing layer of pizazz!  Unlike any other spa in the area, Glam-N-Gloss’ open floor plan facilitates the concept of “social spa-ing”; the act of going to the spa in groups. Yet, its cozy design is enough to accommodate anyone’s desire to retreat and relax alone.  When asked to describe the difference between a Boutique Day Spa and a traditional day spa, owner Kimberly Dellafosse answers, “Imagine shopping for a little black dress at a boutique or specialty store versus shopping at a department store…the personalized attention, the unique service offerings and the quaint environment. That’s what a boutique day spa offers and that’s what Glam-N-Gloss Day Spa is all about.”

When the menu of services was being created, Kimberly thought that it would be a great idea to theme each of the service names.  The end result…service names which are unique and true to the brand of Glam-N-Gloss Day Spa.  Want a pedicure…ask for The Gloss Slipper. Have dehydrated skin…request a Hollywood Glow Facial. Interested in a chemical peel…choose an I’m So A-Peel-ing.

In addition to offering a full menu of spa services and private spa parties called Glam Galas, the spa boasts a retail section which is stocked with unique skin care, body products, high end candles and accessories. Gift cards are also available for purchase. Those who would like to experience what Glam-N-Gloss Day Spa has to offer should check out the spa’s website http://www.glamandgloss.com.

The spa’s decor is beautiful, the atmosphere is tranquil and the highly trained staff is committed to providing excellent customer service. So whether you are in need of a massage or a great gift, Glam-N-Gloss Day Spa is capable of meeting your needs. Groups of friends are encouraged to visit the boutique spa, but if not with a group of friends, going solo can be just as relaxing. Call Glam-N-Gloss Day Spa at 337-313-0222 to schedule your next spa treatment.

Thanks Kimberly!  If I’m ever in the Lake Charles area, I’ll be sure to come and check out Glam-N-Gloss.


Kimberly Dellafosse

Glam-N-Gloss Day Spa

414 East College Street

Lake Charles, LA 70605




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  3. The spa’s decor is beautiful, the atmosphere is tranquil and the highly trained staff is committed to providing excellent customer service.

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