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Linda Troeller, The Spa and Wellness Photographer August 17, 2009

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Linda Troeller, a friend of Everything Spa’s Blog, is known as a wellness and spa photographer.   You can read my interview with Linda about her spa photography here.

Linda is a well known artist in NYC and a resident of the Chelsea Hotel for 15 years. Her portraits give a visual history of the creative life that was nurtured and enhanced by long time manager Stanley Bard. Her photographs will be on display September 3rd to September 27th,2009 at the Melkweg Galerie in Amsterdam. The exhibition captures daily ‘art life’, where the infamous and famous have left their mark. In 2008 she organized a group photography exhibition to celebrate the 125th year anniversary.

She is the author of the photo book ‘Chelsea Hotel Atmosphere – An Artist’s Memoir’ 2007,  which will be for sale in the Melkweg Galerie during the exhibition.



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