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Guest post by Hannah Watson: 3 Health Benefits of Visiting a Spa September 10, 2009

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Guest blogger Hannah Watson contributes today’s post on the health benefits of visiting a spa.  Enjoy!

3 Health Benefits of Visiting a Spa

With soothing music, scented waters, and the firm touch of a masseuse’s hands, spas are undoubtedly luxurious and relaxing. But while we often think of spa treatments as something to do only for special occasions, treating yourself to a few hours of zen on a regular basis may be beneficial for your physical health. Consider how hard your body works for you every day, even if you have a relatively sedentary desk job. You’re hunched at your desk all day, and your neck and back easily become stiff after hours of typing. Or, you’re on your feet all day, abusing your legs for all their worth. And most people don’t even find enough time to sleep and let their bodies fully recuperate before starting the cycle all over again. Monthly trips to the spa may be just the thing to keep your overworked body in prime condition.

  1. Massages. Your muscles become fatigued after hours on the job. If you exercise regularly, massages will keep your muscles limber and improve your circulation, reducing your chances of injuring yourself with a strain or pull. Gentle massages will help you relax, something people forget to do in today’s busy get-it-done society. It will lessen the tension kept in your muscles, which builds up in the neck, shoulders, and back for most people. This tension contributes to cramps and soreness, so expelling it is the best way to prevent having your back suddenly give out or waking up with a particularly painful crick in your neck. Some patients have found that regular massages also lessen the symptoms of arthritis.
  2. Heat. The warmth of spas, especially in saunas and hot tubs, improves the circulation of blood in your body. This adds to the feeling of relaxation, and also can reduce blood pressure and minor muscle pains. When exposed to cold, your muscles tend to lock up and create spasms, which are the cause of shivering, in an attempt to create heat. However, when exposed to mild heat, your muscles tend to relax. The loosening of muscles may be what lessens feelings of minor pains, like back or feet pain, as all that tension is released.
  3. Relaxation. A big part of physical health has to do with mental health. When you are stressed, your body suffers. Think about all the sleepless nights, headaches, and loss of appetite you may encounter when you are living in a high-stress situation. As spas exist mainly to help overworked people relax, visiting one will help you loosen up, thereby allowing your body to loosen up as well.

This post was contributed by Hannah Watson, who writes about the online nursing program. She welcomes your feedback at HannahWatson84@ yahoo.com


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  2. Tnelson Says:

    There is obviously a lot to know about this. There are some good points here.

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