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Guest post by Amy Cook: The Impact of Massage on Patients with Chronic Pain October 24, 2009

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Guest blogger Amy Cook contributes today’s post on the impact of massage on patients with chronic pain. Enjoy!

The Impact of Massage on Patients with Chronic Pain

Pain is a part of being human – we feel it when we get hurt or when we are injured. It’s something that we try to bear because we know it is temporary and that it will become better as time goes by. But when it is chronic, it becomes a part of your everyday life, sticking to you like a fly to a wall. It dictates your every move and interferes with your activities. Chronic pain is not something that we can dismiss lightly, and although you may think that you just have to grit your teeth and bear with it, there are some forms of therapy that do bring relief, like a massage for example. Massages are great way to relax even when you’re as fit as a fiddle, so you can imagine the impact they have on you if you’re suffering from chronic pain.

• Massages help relieve the pain, and even though the relief may be temporary, when you suffer from chronic pain, being pain-free for even a few minutes is a wonderful feeling. The massage soothes the areas that are painful and prevents the pain from radiating to nearby organs and tissues.
• Massages help manage the pain on a long-term basis. When you’ve been living with the pain for the better part of your life, you know you need to find some way to learn to manage it, because if you don’t, it gets too much to bear.
• Massages help improve the quality of life of patients who suffer from chronic pain. They allow them to move about as much as possible and they are able to lead a normal life, given that they are limited by the pain and other symptoms of their condition.
• Massages even help bring relief from the pain in the long term. When they are done by professionals who know exactly what they are doing, massages help bring permanent relief. This saves you from going in for surgery or other more expensive and intrusive forms of treatment.
Massages have been known to work wonders, not just for people who need to unwind and relax, but for those who suffer from chronic and unbearable pain as well. They are a healthy alternative to popping painkillers and ruining your health even further. Seek out the services of licensed medical massage therapists if you or someone you know is suffering from chronic pain.

This guest article was written by Amy S. Cook, who regularly writes on the topic of LVP to RN online . She welcomes your comments and questions at her email address: amy.cook@rediffmail.com


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