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Somibo.com: The soul, mind and body connection October 30, 2009

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Somibo.com is the soul, mind and body connection.  The site’s mission is to help wellness-seekers connect and find the best resources and businesses locally, nationally and around the world.  The site is free.

Somibo.com’s founder Avi Rubel had this to tell me about the site:

“I’ve spent the last 5 years getting more and more interesting in health and wellness. I’ve developed a regular yoga practice and try to eat well. I’ve also become more and more interested in local-eating and various forms of exercise and alternative therapies. My yoga practice has also introduced me to people who do acupunture and reiki. For a few years, I thought over and over again that with so many people looking to live with more health and balance in their lives, there needs to be one central place for listings, reviews, discounts/coupons, and a community forum.”

Everythingspa’s blog has been listed in the spas section of “Wellness Resources” on somibo.com: the soul, mind and body connection.

To advertise on somibo.com, please contact advertise@somibo.com


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