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Guest post by Richard Hemby: What to look for when choosing a spa November 13, 2009

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This following guest post was authored by Richard Hemby, a freelancer that writes about accredited online colleges amongst other topics for Online College Guru, an online college guide.
Whether you’re looking for a day of beauty or a week-long vacation, a spa can provide a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. Day spas offer convenient hours for working people, and are often located within easy driving distance of home or work. Resort spas are often affiliated with a local hotel, and offer a complete vacation experience to their guests; food, entertainment, and lodging are usually part of the total resort spa package. Depending on the focus of the spa you choose, you can enjoy a variety of activities and services to refresh and recharge your spirit and your body. Here are some key elements to look for in each type of spa.
Fitness and health
Spas that focus on fitness usually offer the same amenities as a health club, but combine those with outstanding accommodations and personal services designed to help you look and feel your best. Fitness trainers are usually on hand to tailor a program specifically to your needs, while massage therapy and stretching exercises ease aches and pains away. While fitness spa vacations may be too strenuous for some, they can be the perfect getaway for active adults who want to improve their health while enjoying a holiday away from home. Look for a spa that retains a nutritionist on staff to educate their guests on proper diet and eating healthy. Some even offer in-house restaurants that provide delicious and healthful meals.

Stress Management
For those who simply want to relax and forget it all, stress management spas offer tranquil surroundings, massage therapy and soothing whirlpools designed to soak your troubles away. Many offer aromatherapy sessions, while others focus on workshops and classes to teach their guests stress-fighting techniques. Hypnosis and affirmation therapy are alternative therapies at some stress management spas. Biofeedback tools are also gaining in popularity around the country and allow guests to measure their level of stress instantly. Lessons in yoga, meditation, and breathing techniques are also commonplace at these serene retreats. Watch out for “single-method” spas; if their stress-management tools don’t work for you, you will still be out your reservation fee.

Vacationers in search of truth and beauty may find it at one of the numerous spiritual spa retreats throughout the country. Drawing from a variety of different traditions, these serene retreats offer guests a healing and nurturing experience that combines elements of stress reduction, holistic health, and spiritual wellness. A number of techniques are used to help visitors to the spas achieve inner peace and emotional clarity; religious ceremonies, hypnotherapy, Reiki, and eastern meditation techniques are often part of the spiritual journey. Physical cleansing and silent reflection are also popular treatments at spiritual spa retreats. Choose a spiritual spa that practices beliefs close to your own; a bad fit can lead to a bad experience overall.

Luxury spas are what most people think of as “real” spas. Featuring exotic beauty treatments and devoted to pampering their guests above all else, these luxurious resorts offer massage therapy, beauty treatments and all the amenities one would expect, all designed to leave guests feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and refreshed after their stay. Many luxury spas offer hair styling salons, manicure and pedicure services, and other deluxe beauty treatments to provide a complete makeover, all in a serene and peaceful environment. Luxury spas offer a taste of the affluent life at a price most can afford, at least for a day or two. In some cases, you may be paying more for the name on the door than the actual services rendered; be sure about what is included in your stay and which services cost extra to avoid an unpleasant surprise at check-out.


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