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Discovering Reiki in Central New York February 27, 2011

Since middle school, Elizabeth Curley Elizabeth Curley of Whispering Wolf Wellness has known that she was supposed to be a healer. At the time, she didn’t exactly know what that meant, but it became crystal clear to her many years later when she attended a program on reiki at Natur-Tyme.  Curley said “I’ve got to learn that.  I just knew!”

For the uninitiated, the Japanese word Reiki can be translated to “life-force energy”, a healing that involves holding the hands above the body.  It’s not affiliated with any creed, religion or denomination. You might seek reiki to release stress, promote relaxation, boost your immune system and balance your chakras and auras (otherwise known as energy fields).  Reiki is known to heal at the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual level.

So what can you expect from a reiki session?  You’ll normally spend between $45 and $100 for an hour of reiki.  Before you get started with your session, the reiki practitioner should complete a verbal or written intake to find out why you’ve come to them for reiki treatments.  In a typical reiki session, you’ll recline fully clothed on a massage table, maybe experiencing dimmed lights, soft music and candles. Close your eyes and settle in under the blankets for what you’ll likely find to be a soothing and relaxing experience.

The reiki practitioner will start at your head and scan your body with their hands hovering above your body, reading your energy and searching for warm and cold spots.  The practitioner is trained to use set hand positions or they may position their hands intuitively.  They might feel a sensation from a particular body part, such as trauma or digestive issues.  They can experience tingling, temperature changes or a wavelike motion as the energy flows.  The client might experience similar sensations or see colors behind their closed eyelids.

For Ann Latocha, owner of Belladerma Wellness Spa in Brewerton, it was personal health reasons that led her to the exploration of reiki; a gift that Ann says everyone has.  Ann has studied the scientific evidence on how reiki works and uses her wisdom to demystify reiki for her clients and guide them into an understanding so they aren’t afraid of the unknown. “If you think of a radio antenna, it receives information through waves.  When you become in tune with reiki, you learn to amp up the voltage”.

During a reiki session, Ann keeps the mood light by laughing, talking or joking with her clients.  “Reiki is very validated here in Central New York.  Crouse Hospital and Hematology-Oncology Associates offer reiki to patients.”

If you are considering reiki, seek treatment from a certified reiki practitioner or certified reiki master.  Discuss in advance the number of reiki sessions and the costs associated with those sessions.  Reiki is considered a component of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM); you’ll want to inform your healthcare providers that you’re experiencing reiki for optimal health and well-being management.

For more information about reiki, visit www.reiki.org and http://nccam.nih.gov/health/reiki/.

Ann Latocha – Reiki Master, NYS Licensed Aesthetician, Certified Aromatherapist, Certified Laser Technician

Belladerma Wellness Spa

9570 Brewerton Road

Brewerton, NY 13029



Elizabeth Curley – Reiki Master and Animal Communicator

Whispering Wolf Wellness




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