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Contact Me March 7, 2009

Email me at cnyspagirl@twcny.rr.com .


15 Responses to “Contact Me”

  1. Patty Grifo Says:

    Hello Michele,
    Your blog is beautiful.
    Thanks for including Arbonne’s products in your reviews.
    By any chance, do you know of a local massage therapist you would recommend?
    I think because of poor posture and spending time at the computer, I am in need of a deep but gentle ( I don’t like too hard ) shoulder, neck and back massage. Are you familar with the self-emplyed therapists?
    Thanks for letting me know.

  2. everythingspa Says:

    Patty – Thank you for commenting on my blog. I enjoyed sampling the Arbonne products that you provided for me.

    I am with you on the poor posture and too much time at the computer….a good massage would feel wonderful right now.
    I have a great self-employed therapist to recommend for you. I will send you an email with her contact information. I just spoke to her, so she will be ready if you decide to call her.

  3. Kirstie Farmer Says:

    Hi Michelle,

    Just wanted to say THANK YOU for visiting the spa, Darcy and Lake expressed that it was a real treat to work on you. We all appreciated the nice things that you said in your blog. Hope to see you again soon, Take care .

  4. everythingspa Says:

    Kirstie – You are very welcome. I enjoyed working with Darcy and Lake too. And I’m enjoying the Rhonda Allison Skincare products – the pumpkin cleanser and rinse smell amazing and the small bottle of sunscreen will come in handy to toss in my purse on these beautiful days.

  5. Just added your site to our blogroll on spanusadua.com. Regards from Bali. Juergen

  6. hello,
    i have an amazing new anti-aging skin care product that helps eliminate facial tension & stress that can lead to fine lines & wrinkles. i would be interested in advertising on you site.

    thank you


  7. everythingspa Says:

    I would love to hear more about it. Please email me directly at cnyspagirl@twcny.rr.com.

    Thanks, Michele

  8. Pazit Says:

    Dear Michelle,

    It is nice to ‘meet’ you, enjoyed your blog, will visit it again… thank you.

    Just wanted to introduce to you the ‘Totally Spa’ website (www.totallyspa.com), you might find it interesting…

    Please visit us at http://www.totallyspa.com


  9. Cel Tustin Says:

    Have you seen our spa line of products? 100% essential oils and beautiful hand poured candles, soaps and bathsalts. We offer an experience for spa clients to take home with them after their services.

    Visit our site http://www.veriscandles.com

  10. everythingspa Says:

    Ooh, I see you have Rosemary Mint – one of my all time favorite essential oil blends. Nothing reminds me of a spa more. Everything looks amazing!


  11. Reiki Bliss Says:

    Really enjoy perusing your blog. Excellent and very timely!

  12. Reiki Love Says:

    Excellent….really enjoy reading your blog.

  13. Hi Michelle!

    You’re blog is great!! I love how detailed and informative your spa reviews are! I am a writer for a new spa blog http://www.hiddenspas.com (based in Los Angeles) and would love to hear any advice you have for me about spa-blogging! =)
    I noticed that your last blog post was in June, are you still blogging? I hope so!

    All the best,

  14. everythingspa Says:

    Hi Renee – Thanks for the kind words. Would love to pass along spa-blogging advice – why don’t you email me direct at cnyspagirl@twcny.rr.com and we can go from there?

    PS – Posting to the spa blog is much less frequent these days. You can still find me writing about the spa world as the National Spa Examiner for Examiner.com at this web address: http://www.examiner.com/spa-in-national/michele-mcintyre


  15. Lexxie Says:

    Hi I am working on making my own spa website but I thought i would find another spa website and get some ideas. I love your site you did a wonderfull job with every thing. If you could send me some tips to my e-mail that would be great. I would really appreciate that thank you so much.

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